Inner Summit Yoga

Assisted Vedic Stretch Sessions

Assisted Sessions:

Athletic Stretch 

Athletic Stretch is a deep full body stretch experience that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities. Athletic stretch is a great option for pre or post activities to assist in a faster recovery from your favorite activities. Deep stretch after any activity will invite the improvement for range of motion while assisting tight muscles. 

Upper body Deep Stretch 

This session concentrates only on the major muscle groups in the upper body such as abdominals, spine and neck, shoulders, and arms. This type of session will connect functional movement with hands on assists in longer holds to assist and alleviate muscle tightness. 

Lower Body Deep Stretch- 

This session concentrates only on the major muscle groups in the lower body such as lower spine, QL, Glutes, Quads/Hamstrings, Calves, ankles and feet. This type of session will connect functional movement with hands on assists in longer holds to assist and alleviate muscle tightness. 

Full Body Deep Stretch  - 60 minutes only 

In a Full Body Session- you will be guided and assisted through a series that is customized for your body and needs in that time. You will be guided through a series of movements to help Improve joint stabilization that assists in joint mobility and flexibility in the longer muscles that tend to tighten with our mountain lifestyles. 

Functional Movement Series -

Functional range movement targets the joint systems of the body. As you are guided and assisted through a meticulous series of movement which provides mobility. Through the different series of movements we strive to offer improvements to the function of your joints, which leads to the reduction of pain and even future injury. As your joint and muscle health improves your nervous system is also assisted giving you more energetic vitality. 

Meridian Support- 

Your body is so fascinating and holds the answers to so much more than we are aware of. Meridian support is a physical and energetic support session. Hands on assists and guided movement for releasing the lines of energy in the body. We work through the energetic body to support the physical, as the physical body is more deeply supported its known to find reduction in injury, pain, emotional reaction and longevity of your vitalism. 


A breathwork session is a simple means to releasing excess  tension in the body. Breathwork assists your energetic and emotional bodies. Several different styles of breath work is offered to assist in the present time. 


The benefits of yoga are beyond the physical body. The depth of movement through breath, allows your body, mind and energy to expand into true vitalism. You truly have everything you need within to prosper and thrive. Creating a balanced space that yoga becomes available to all.

Whether you are visiting our beautiful mountain town or are a full time local, we would love to cater to your goals and desires during your personal session.

Our private sessions are facilitated in your own home or as an experience in nature.

We offer SUP yoga, large group sessions, corporate group sessions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, smaller group classes, couples or friends, and one on one connections.

In-home sessions.

Mat and any props that instructor will be teaching with.

meet your host

Kati Patino E-RYT 500

My wild journey into yoga…

In my early years of “yoga”, I found the practice simply as a work out which happened to spark an internal fire. As life shifted drastically over the years, Yoga continued to find me. When I would turn away from the practice, some way, yoga would simply fall into my path again and again. It wasn’t until a life altering accident that I truly chose yoga to be my guide through this life.

As I have grown into my practice as a student and observer, I have been granted the opportunity to flourish as a teacher. I strive to create an experience that embodies all that we are as human. Curating classes, retreats and trainings that enhance the depths of energy through movement, breath and organic expression. Each experience is held with sacred intention, a sense of playfulness through exploration, compassionate understanding and loving respect.